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Our Task is to Provide our Worldwide Customers with Best Magnesite Materials, Products and Service.

Our company mainly deals wiht the export of magnesite materials and products made of natural magnesite originated from Liaoning Province of the People's Republic of China.  

The Liaoning Province is well known in the world's non-metallic minerals and refractories field for its enormous and superior quality of natural magnesite deposit (amounting to almost a quarter of the world's natural reserves) while as the core and prominent representative of this famous resource, the Haicheng Magnesite & Refractories General Factory (former name is the Haicheng Magnesite Mine) located in Haicheng City of the province, now possesses a known magnesite reserves of 830 million tons,  up to 50% of which with MgO content above 46%. 

The factory, now owning a history of more than 60 years, has developed lots of unique technics and know-how's as well as in possession of large numbers of professional techincians and well-trained workers. Up to now it has had a complete set of magnesite processing flow which includes open-pit mining, float concentration, rotary kiln calcination, high pressure briquetting, high temperature sintering, bricks shaping and tunnel kiln firing sections,  its annual production capacity of major materials and products is now up to: 1.5 million tons of raw magnesite ore; 200,000 tons of ordinary grade dead burned magnesite; 20,000 tons of high purity dead burned magnesite; 100,000 tons of caustic calcined magnesite; 30,000 tons of fused magnesite and 5,000 tons of magnesia-based bricks respectively.   

Our company (shorted as CMIE LMC) is just being exclusively combined with this factory so as to link its production with foreign customers' demand bi-directionally.

The advantaged magnesite deposit (high MgO content and good (CaO/SiO ratio) and long term history of magnesite production lay a good foundation for the factory in producing superior quality magnesite materials whilst the easily open-pit mining deeply reduces the cost of raw magnesite being used in its production, both of  which will undoubtedly make its products more competitive. Meanwhile, this import and export company, now owned by the factory,  would surely facilitate it acting in the world market more actively. Based on this, we are confident to  say to all relevant customers that:

We can provide you with best Chinese magnesite materials, products and services not only just today but ever since the past till the prospective and endless future!

Besides, we also export other minerals originated from Liaoning Province such as dolomite, talc, feldspar, albite, calcite, brucite, spinel and forsterite etc as well as some magnesite chemicals. 

With business expanded, we now also make some other trades which includes processing with imported materials, processing with material supplied by the inventor, compensatory trade, counter trade and transit trade as well as the import and export of some other articles and techniques except those specified or prohibited by the government.

All enquiries, orders, economical or technical cooperation are welcomed !

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